Monday, December 12, 2016

Hubert Platt's 1969 Ford Mustang Super Stocker
On display at the Scott Drake booth at the 2016 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas was this 1969 Ford Mustang Super Stock drag car once driven by Hubert Platt.  


Platt, although born in South Carolina became known early in his career for a series of "Georgia Shaker" race cars, was picked along with Randy Payne to act as the Ford Eastern drag racing team. During that time Platt drove this 1969 428 cubic inch  ‘Cobra Jet’ Mustang to an National Hot Rod Association NHRA SS/IA (Super Stock I/Automatic) record of 12.41 seconds at 112.92  miles per hour (MPH) and won the 1969 Winter Championships at Miami-Hollywood Dragway in February, 1969.


Based on the 428-cubic inch Ford “FE” engine, the Cobra Jet engine used different cylinder heads with large intake ports, as well as heavier connecting rods and a stronger crankshaft. The engine was factory rated at 335 horsepower but legend has it that the actual output exceeded 400 horsepower.

Platt and Payne hit the road with Hubert’s CJ Mustang and Randy’s Torino Cobra Super Stock drag cars during 1969. The pair would present “performance clinics” at Ford dealerships during the week when they were not racing. Platt sold the Mustang not long after the 1969 season, and it passed through several hands before it wound up with its current owner Gary Schwartz who restored the Mustang.  Platt was inducted into the NHRA Hall of Fame in 1986 and passed away in 2015.

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