Sunday, February 14, 2016

Racing history on display at the 2016 Sacramento Autorama

Mixed in with the beautiful hot rods and custom cars on display at the 2016 Sacramento Aurorama held at the Cal Expo State Fairgrounds were a pair of open-wheel race cars with interesting histories, shown in these photographs by the author. Click on the photographs to enlarge them. 

This a recreation of the Bob Lehman owned supermodifed that was driven in races by Jerry Graham during 1968 at Roseville's All-American Speedway and West Capitol Speedway in Sacramento. 

While the author is not normally a fan of recreations, this one is different than most as it built by the original owner and driver for owner Rick Mills

  Compare the cockpit of this 1968 supermodified with the cockpit of a modern race car to understand how far the science of race driver safety has come in nearly 50 years

This truly historic race car was on display in  the rear of the Butch Gardner Club House pavilion. This is the famed Atlas Chrome Special in its final iteration as the Shanoian Special as raced in the 1950's without its famous body of the built in 1933 by master metalsmith and car builder Frank Kurtis.  

 Little remains of the original Atlas Chrome car, which was raced extensively  at Legion Ascot Speedway, one clue is the chromed frame.  This car was first seen after years of being hidden from public view at Shanoian's induction in 2015 into the Calistoga Speedway Hall of Fame  

Detail of what the owner describes as a Model B Ford engine fitted with a Miller DOHC (double overhead camshaft cylinder head), although this might be a DOHC Cragar engine.  Sometime after Shanoian last raced it, the car was purchased and stored by famed racing collector Carl Schmid. The car was displayed by  Robert Radueschel.
This photo provided by historian Larry Pfitzmaier
shows the Atlas Chrome/Shanoian Special as it was stored in a barn years ago

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  1. Art Shanoian, what a wonderful gentleman and great friend, proud to have been one of his drivers. Mike Ryan